Why Entrepreneurs Should Focus On More Than Just Money

Why Entrepreneurs Should Focus On More Than Just MoneyMoney is a popular concept in today’s world. Whether the topic is making more or spending less, currency tends to dominate many conversations. Just look at some popular sayings that most people know and repeat. “Money makes the world go round.” “If it doesn’t make dollars, then it doesn’t make sense.” “Money is power.”

For many people, money can be hard to come by – even if you are employed and working. This is one reason that we see such a growing number of people go from employees to entrepreneurs. When given the choice between always making a set amount or having the ability to name their own prices, more and more people choose to walk away from their nine-to-fives and open up shop themselves.

As a business owner, making a profit will always be an issue. But for some, it becomes a singular focus. It is common for many people to go into business solely to make more money than they had before. While understandable, this is not necessarily the best mindset to adopt in the business world.

This may seem wildly counter-intuitive at first glance. In the eyes of many people, making money would seem to be the sole purpose of a business. But there is a lot more to the issue than just money – which is a point that a surprising amount of people do not consider.

Let’s start by looking at it from a business point-of-view. Would you want to buy from someone who seemed to care more about money than they did about you? Probably not. You’ve likely had bad experiences with companies that struck you as insensitive, such as when you went to return a faulty item or when you tried to use a customer service line to little or no avail. You probably felt that they saw you more as an object, not a person. You could give your customers the same impression if you only focus on their dollars instead of their satisfaction.

Also, others who work with you can be affected by this mindset. Your associates may also adopt this way of thinking, and they too may start seeing your customers as little more than a means to an end. And if you have colleagues who disagree with this idea, they may not be inclined to do their best for you – or stay with you for very long.

Focusing only on profit can hurt entrepreneurs in the personal area too. Money alone does not equal a better life, only a means to help achieve it. Focusing on money alone means that you are not focusing on the issues that affect you – which means that you won’t take action to solve them. Your money should work for you, not the other way around.

Money is definitely a valuable resource, but it is not the ultimate goal that entrepreneurs should pursue. A better life, personal fulfillment and helping others are goals that are worth pursuing. After all, as another well-known money quote states, “money can’t buy happiness.”

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