Three Kitchen Appliances That Can Save You Money

Three Kitchen Appliances That Can Save You MoneyCooking at home is the easiest way to save money on a monthly food bill. If you want to organize your work in an efficient manner in the kitchen, you need to consider investing your money in some of the must-have kitchen appliances that can help you to spend less time on cooking, save energy, money and even contribute into your healthy diet. Sounds incredible, right? Maybe all these appliances are familiar to you, you just never thought about their beneficial possibilities. So let’s do it right now.

One of the main ideas of saving while cooking at home are buying in bulk and buying items on sale. Probably you can contradict to that saying that your family is too small to buy a lot of meat or other foods with a short shelf life. That’s right, but there are ways to store such foods up to five times longer and one of these ways is using a vacuum sealer. It removes air from the package with food and seals it. Contact with oxygen is one of the main reasons why foods go bad so fast. Feeling sorry when dumping dried celery or slimy parsley? Vacuum-packing is the solution again. It can also be used for storing dry foods like rice, macaroni, chips, candy, and others prolonging their shelf life and keeping them moist free. Soups, stews, sauces can be safely preserved as well. Manufacturers claim that a household can save up to $2700 a year using this wonderful appliance.

A pressure cooker is another fantastic appliance that can help you to save money, time and prepare healthier foods. You can make complete meals, including risotto, stews, soups and meat dishes. Cooking at higher temperatures makes it much faster and more energy-efficient. While boiling on the stove will don’t go more than 212 °F as this is the boiling point, the pressure cooker can help you to reach the temperature of 250 °F which, again, saves you time. You can also save energy by cooking the foods together, e.g. meats and vegetables, whereas you might need two different pans for preparing them on the stove. It requires much less water than conventional cooking and using more liquid that is necessary wastes energy. Flavors are more concentrated in high temperatures, so you need to apply less dressing if compared to boiling. Not to mention it preserves more vitamins and minerals, as well as taste and color of the food. If there’s something left after a dinner, vacuum seal it and put it to the fridge.

Thinking about throwing a party but having a tight budget? Don’t go out for fancy drinks. Make them at home with the help of a blender. When using it regularly, you can save tons of money by making your own dressings, smoothies, hummus, spinach dips, different kinds of spreads, popsicles and many other things that are much cheaper and healthier than the ones bought in stores. Needless to say it saves your valuable time on prepping, and time is money as you know.

These are some of the few electric appliances you can’t go without if you want to cut your costs on food bills, energy and save time of course. They might be a pricey investment, but they are going to pay off in the course of time.

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