More Americans Want Tougher Gun Laws

More Americans Want Tougher Gun LawsTwo recent national surveys show that more and more Americans are supporting tougher restrictions on ownership of guns, no doubt reflecting an outrage over the mass shooting incidents in the recent past. A new Gallup poll shows the support for a more stringent gun policy has gone up to thirty eight percent (38%) in the past year, the highest level since 2001. It’s up twenty five percent (25%). This was before the shooting tragedy that happened at a Batman movie screening in Aurora, Colorado and an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

Contrasting this spike, there’s a large percentage of US residents, forty three percent (43%) who continue to be satisfied with the present regulations on guns and five percent (5%) of respondents in the Gallup survey who even said they’d like to see these gun restrictions loosened.

Another national survey conducted by the Pew Research Center for People and the Press was showing the same trend and pattern. Eighty five percent (85%) of those who were polled said there should be background checks for private gun sales as well as sales in gun shows. A large majority of the respondents, eighty percent (80%) supported moves to prevent mentally-ill persons from purchasing guns.

Prominent Politicians Support New Tougher Gun Laws

Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and other prominent politicians are urging state legislators to enact new and stricter laws that ban assault weapons.

Vice-president Biden is also expected to present to President Obama the latest proposals for stricter gun control from the White House’s gun control task force.

Gun-Rights Groups Join Bandwagon For tougher Gun Laws

Among groups that shifted a change in their view about gun control are male respondents and Democrats. In the most recent Gallup survey, thirty five percent (35%) of men in America now say they’re not too happy with the current gun laws. That’s up from last year’s eighteen percent (18%).

The same poll showed more women are not content with present gun laws and would want to see them strengthened. The figures are now forty one percent (41%) compared to last year’s thirty one percent (31%).

Among non-whites, the support for stricter regulations on gun ownership also spiked, jumping from thirty two percent (32%) to forty nine percent (49%) as per the Gallup survey data.

A widening partisan rift over gun ownership is reflected likewise in the surveys. Democrats now are more receptive to new tougher gun laws than Republicans, sixty four percent (64%) versus eighteen percent (18%).

On Establishment of a Federal Data Base To Track Gun Sales

Eighty four percent (84%) of Democrats versus forty nine percent (49%) of Republicans were in favor of setting up a federal data base for closer tracking of gun sales. The Pew study likewise showed sixty seven percent (67%) of Americans were in favor of a federal data base.

School Safety Proposals

Asked for their views on safety measures in schools, the Pew Survey said sixty four percent (64%) of respondents favored arming security guards and a stronger police presence in schools. Only forty percent (40%) agreed to arm more teachers and school officials.


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