A beginners’ shopping guide for buying guitars and guitar accessories

buying-guitarsThere are many types of guitars in the market today. It can be quite challenging for any guitar buyer who does not have adequate information about the various types of guitars. Apart from knowing about the guitars, one also needs to have adequate knowledge about the guitar accessories especially if the guitar that one will finally buy has to be played alongside some accessories.

There are two main types of guitars. The acoustic guitars, and the electronic guitars.

Acoustic guitars are guitars that have maintained the design of the original guitar. This guitar has a distinct larger body than the electronic guitar. The larger body is due to the guitar’s sound hole which is used for sound amplification. Acoustic guitars are good guitars if one intends to use the guitar in places where they may not get electric power. Acoustic guitars are therefore good for travel and for use in the outdoors. Acoustic guitars can today be fitted with amplification systems to help them produce stronger sounds.

Electric guitars are the more modern type of guitar. This guitar depends on electric power to produce an audible sound. There are various types of electric guitars in the market today with each of the different guitar types thus designed to satisfy unique needs. For example, there are some electric guitars that are designed for playing specific types of music. As such, there are specific guitars for playing music such as hard metal. These guitars usually produce a strong, warm, and heavy sound.

There are also guitar types such as bass guitars that are specifically made for playing bass only. These guitars usually have thicker and fewer strings as compared with the normal rhythm guitars that have more strings and produce more versatile sounds. Electric guitars also differ in terms of the design of the guitar. The more flashy guitars are usually used for live performances.

Electric guitars usually come with many electrical accessories. Some of the main accessories used to play the electric guitar include the guitar amplifier, wire cables, and loud speakers. The electronic guitar is especially dependent on the guitar amplifier. The guitar is usually connected to the amplifier using wire cables. Today however there are some wireless guitar systems where one does not need to have wire cables connecting the guitar to the amplifier.

In shopping for electric guitars amplifiers one therefore needs to know which kind of amplifier will suit them best. Although a wireless guitar system affords the guitarists a lot of freedom – since he is not encumbered with awkward wire cables, the wireless amplification systems can prove to be unreliable especially in places where there is a lot of interference.

One also needs to consider the output that is needed when shopping for guitar amplifiers and loudspeakers. Usually the higher the output the pricier the equipment.

Acoustic guitars are generally more affordable as compared to electronic guitars. An electronic guitar costs almost double the price of an acoustic guitar. Electric guitars are also more costly due to the accessories needed in using the guitar.

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