The live performance, musical equipment, and the rock star

rock-star-1The use of live performances to promote music is a very old practice. Actually, in the beginning, music was all about live performances. The technology for recording music had not been invented and people depended on listening to the musicians in real time. The musicians would announce a performance and the people would gather to listen to the musician. Sometimes these performances were closed door performances and other times they were open for the public.

Since music was done live, musicians greatly perfected their skill for live performances. Musicians who could captivate the crowd with a lively performance often won the crowd. Musicians who had strong voices also had a great advantage. Musical instruments were still an integral part of musical performances. Musicians would sing with accompaniments and whole bands would perform music using different types of musical instruments.

At this time, since sound amplification had not been discovered, musical instruments that could not produce very loud sounds were disadvantaged. This is especially if the audience covered a large area where the instrument’s sound could not reach or if the instrument was played together with other much louder instruments that would drown its sound.

A musical instrument that faced these challenges due to its weak sound output is the acoustic guitar. However, musician greatly treasured the electric guitar and something had to be done to amplify the sound of the guitar and ensure that it was included in the live performance. This led to the invention of the electric guitar.

The electric guitar effectively answered the question of electric guitar sound amplification by incorporating the use of guitar amplifiers. Electric guitar amplifiers have helped the electric guitar to become one of the best musical instruments for live performances. This can be seen by the rapid rise in popularity of the rock star.

The rock star is usually known as a musician who performs rock and roll music and they are often depicted as guitarists. The electronic guitar is actually responsible for creating the unique sound that led to the development of the rock and roll music genre. Other genres that have developed from the electric guitar sound include the hard metal music genre.

These new music genres are usually genres that were developed by live musicians who vigorously played their music to ecstatic crowds. The loud, fast tempo and rough music coupled with the frenzied performance of the guitarists had a huge appeal to the audiences. Soon the world was embracing this new crop of musicians and their new music.

In a rock and roll performance, the musicians pay a lot of attention to their presentation. A major characteristic of such performances is the flamboyant flashy attire that the musicians dress in. Rock musicians also use flashy specially designed electric guitars that are meant to wow the crowd with their appearance.

Today rock musicians incorporate lots of technological inputs to create fascinating effects especially in the use of lights. Other effects used in rock performances include smoke, fire, lightning, and other mesmeric effects.

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