The best corporate team building event I have ever had

team-buildingLast week the company I work for organized a memorable team building night. I was able to for once thoroughly enjoy a social event organized by my employee. I am new in the company I am working for having been here only six months. I have however had numerous company parties in the companies I have worked for before. In the previous companies, the parties were always lousy and I only attended them as a formality.

In the former two companies I worked for, the managers, like any other company wanted to entertain and reward the workers with occasional fun events. However, the events never seemed to live up to their billing since they turned out to be events where the people were so formal and uptight. This was mostly since the companies had strict company policies and the workers were often not sure when to relax. People feared that they might overstep their boundaries during the social events.

In the team building last week, my new company gave me a whole new experience in having some corporate fun. This was hugely due to the way the event was organized and how the event was carried out. Just like my two former employers, this company has a formal atmosphere in the office but surprisingly out on that evening everybody seemed to be relaxed and jolly.

Credit goes to the lady who organized the event. The lady, who is part of the company’s HR team seemed to be very savvy with organizing such events. For one, she chose an awesome venue for the team building night. The venue was in a beautiful garden that had beautiful lawns, lovely flowers, and nice cobble stone paths. The dining and meeting sheds were designed with a beautiful exotic style and the service crew was amazing.

During the night out, the event organizer selected some great activities which we all enjoyed participating in. The lady doubled as the host for the day and she did a splendid job. She was very interesting and frequently made the crowd come alive with laughter from her humorous discourse.

The crowd was especially thrilled by the karaoke singing competition which she introduced just after we had dinner and were having some drinks. She had thoughtfully borrowed a friend a home karaoke machine which we used for the competition. The competition was a great success as many people came out to compete. The idea was to find out which department would produce the best singer and the department would be rewarded as a whole.

The reward for the winning department would be a day off. This was enough incentive for the company workers and the contest was quite intensive and fun with people trying very hard to win.

One gentleman who works in the marketing department rushed off and brought a small travel guitar that he said he always packed in his car. He sang beautiful using his guitar as extra accompaniment – he won the contest.

The contest was not only a victory for the marketing department but for the entire company as it made us have a wonderful night of bonding together.

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