Taking a closer look at the electric guitar – its origins and its different special features

electric-guitar-1The electric guitar is one of the most popular musical instrument in the world. This is hugely because the electric guitar is integral in the creation of some of the modern genres of music that have the biggest followings. Some of these genres that are so loved today include electric blues and variations of rock and roll such as hard metal music.

The electric guitar is an improved version of the original acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar was a simple instrument that produced sound mechanically and used acoustics to amplify the sound. However, the sound of the acoustic guitar cannot carry very far. This was very limiting when playing for huge audiences. Musicians also faced challenges using the acoustic guitars in huge bands where other musical instruments such as drums and trumpets would drown the sound of the acoustic guitar.

It was necessary that a solution be found for amplifying the sound of the guitar. Many attempts were made in trying to find the right approach to amplifying the sound of the guitar with the best approach being discovered in 1931.

In this approach, the vibrations of the guitar strings are converted into electromagnetic signals using a device known as a pick up. These signals are usually too low to be heard by the human ear and so the signals are first fed into a guitar amplifier where they are amplified before finally being fed into loudspeakers. This invention was finally able to help musicians amplify their guitar sounds and produce good quality.

Today there are many types of electric guitars as more and more versions are being designed to suit different needs. For example there are guitars such as the fender starcaster that are made to produce heavier and warmer sounds. These are guitars suitable for playing various versions of rock and roll music, jazz, and blues.

In producing different types of electric guitars there are various features that are very important. Most importantly is the sound to be produced by the guitar. Due to this there are some guitars that are specifically designed to produce a certain type of sound e.g. the bass guitar.

Electric guitars are also fitted with different types of guitar pickups depending on the kind of music that the guitar will be used to play. For example, humbucker guitar pickups are preferred for playing metal music or sounds that are heavier and warmer. Humbucker guitar pickups are preferred since they are less prone to produce a hum or feedback which normally happens with single coil guitar pickups.

There are also some electronic guitars whose main difference is the type of material that is used to make the guitar. Also, some guitars are made to have a flashier appearance as compared to others. Flashy guitars are usually thus designed for live performances especially by rock musicians.

There are also some electric guitars that are being designed to suit the needs of different types of people. For example there are guitars that are being designed to better suit female guitarists.

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