Mankind’s long relationship with music and the evolution of music to the present day

Dj mixer with headphones at nightclub

Mankind has always been fascinated by music. We find that mankind made music from very early years when music was still part of his life. Music was used to communicate, it was used as a way or memorizing important things, it was used in special ceremonies, it was used to pacify children, and many other day to day activities.

Music has continually evolved from these early times and today music has reached massive heights. In looking at the journey that music has taken from prehistoric times to the modern day, we cannot fail to look at the evolvement of musical instruments. Musical instruments have developed from crude items to sophisticated technological gadgets that are used in different diverse ways today.

Today there is a wide array of musical instruments ranging from percussion instruments, wind/ reed instruments, stringed instruments, and brass instruments. These categories of instruments were still existent in ancient times. When communities around the world started interacting with each other more freely and more easily, they were able to share their knowledge of musical instruments. As such, musicians were exposed to a wider range of musical instruments.

As mankind increased in knowledge, he was able to improve the musical instruments making them more suitable for his needs. For example, he was able to make musical instruments with more resilient materials that are more durable. For example reed flutes can now be made from tough plastic. Man was also able to improve the quality of sound produced by the musical instruments such as in the case of the guitar and its evolvement to an electric guitar.

Today mankind has been able to come up with different types of musical instruments to suit different types of people and needs. For example, there are musical instruments that are specifically designed for little children. An instrument such as the digital piano for beginners has been designed such that it is simple and easy to use for children. It is designed with features that cannot harm a child and they are made to be attractive for the child.

There are also instruments that are designed for other different kinds of people such as the specially designed guitars that are designed for the feminine gender. These are usually lighter and more comfortable to handle ideal for the delicate gender. There are also musical instruments that are designed for special categories such as the guitars for left handed people.

As mankind continues to come up with enhanced musical instruments, he is also coming up with accessories to facilitate the use of these instruments. A major accessory for musical instruments today is the amplifier. The amplifier is a gadget that helps in boosting the sound produced by the instrument. There are different kinds of amplifiers with some amplifiers being designed for specific instruments.

A good example is the bass amplifier that is specially designed for amplifying the sounds of low pitched musical instruments such as the bass guitar.

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