The discovery and importance of electricity to mankind: a focus on electricity in music

electricity-in-musicThe discovery of electric power was a monumental step for mankind. This discovery can be attributed to the commencement of the technological age as most of the technologies that drive the world today depend on electric power. Examples of technologies that run on electric power include mobile technologies, the internet, wireless communications, computer technology, and various other electronic technologies.

Electricity is not only used in the above technologies but it is also used to power major aspects of life. Lighting is one of the areas where mankind today greatly depends on electricity. Cities, roads, and homes come alight today thanks to electricity, road traffic in cities is controlled by electric lights; even aero planes are controlled by electric lights. Apart from light, electricity is also used to power huge machines including trains, production machines, and other heavy duty machines.

Electricity is also used to power numerous gadgets in our homes such as toasters, boilers, refrigerators, radios, TV sets, blenders, vacuum washers, and many other utility gadgets.

Electricity has also been embraced in the music world and it has led to monumental changes that have generally improved the production, distribution, and management of music. One of the most important contributions of electric power in the music world is facilitating the discovery of amplification. Electric amplification has been very important in helping the musician to be able to perform for a larger crowd. It also led to facilitating the development of music players and radio speakers that depend on sound amplification.

Electric amplification was especially important in the evolvement of musical instruments. The best example is in the evolvement of the guitar.

Originally, the guitar depended on acoustics to produce sound. Despite the guitar having quality sound that could entertain a sizeable crowd, musicians were finding challenges in using the guitar to play for larger audiences since the acoustic guitar sound does not carry very far. Instrumentalists playing in huge bands also realized that the acoustic guitar sound would get drowned by the sound of other louder instruments such as percussion instruments and brass instruments.

With the discovery of amplification, the electric guitar was developed to effectively solve the problem of guitar amplification. Today the electric guitar is one of the most popular musical instrument and it is used in many music genres. The electric guitar has led to the development of new music genres including electric blues and various variations of rock music such as hard metal.

Electricity has also led to the development of new kinds of musical instruments that are more advantageous as compared to what was used there before. For example, the grand piano was and is a very important instrument with a unique rich sound. However, the original piano is a bulky and heavy instrument that usually sits fixed in one place. It is also very costly.

With the help of electricity, man was able to make the electric digital piano. This is a more affordable and more portable instrument that produces a similar sound to that of the original piano.

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